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Choo Smith - community leader and life changer

Choo Smith was a former original Harlem Globetrotter. That was his profession. In life, Choo Smith is a community leader and life changer.

Recently Smith held his 4th annual golf tournament to benefit his foundation Choo Smith Youth Empowerment. This organization’s mission statement is:

We are “dedicated to developing and implementing programs that facilitate positive growth in the lives of the youth we serve, as well as their families and community. This is based upon his “4L” philosophy (Love It, Learn It, Live It, Lead It).” Smith is the embodiment of that statement.

Smith is known as the celebrity with heart. His infamous friends support him because he focuses on changing lives. Smith has remembered the upbringing taught to him by his father. “Don’t talk about it. Be about it,” his father admonished. Smith has lived up to those words.

Over the years he has helped take the “challenging” kids off of the streets, bring them into the gym and above all inspire them to do more than they thought was possible. Some recent examples include a young boy named Danny Shand, who was labeled a trouble kid and is now going to attend college or Adonis Bunch who could not even dribble a basketball & lacked confidence but now can handle the ball and life.

Smith recognizes that people have to stand up for kids, especially when they cannot do it for themselves. “God is speaking to all of us to do something,” states Smith.

Choo Smith will also be spearheading the Baltimore chapter as the new President of the K.I.N.G. movement, lead by Chris Brussard. This organization will focus on helping men be all God made them to be.

Maybe it is time we take a lesson from Choo Smith. Not on the basketball court but in court of life.